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Family owned and operated, Fattoria di Petroio, has as been a member of the Consorzio del Chianti Classico since 1927, the year of its founding. The wine production at Fattoria di Petroio is carried out exclusively on the Estate. The grapes are sourced from six hectares of specialized vineyards of which 5.5 are DOGC Chianti Classico. Total production: 3,100 cases.

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Fattoria Di Petroio Poggio

AB: 768941 | BC: 507814 | Spec | 12/750ml

Fattoria di Petroio Chianti Classico DOCG

AB: 768940 | BC: 567842 | Stocked Spec | 6/750ml | 4/1.5L

Fattoria di Petroio Chianti Classico Riserva

AB: 768939 | BC: 5314 | Spec | 6/750ml

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